Trollface Quest: Video Games 2


Trollface Quest: Video Games 2 is the second episode of this hilarious meme based point and click game. In this title you must work your way through series of video game scenes and work out how they are trolling you - each scene is unique and you must think outside the box to solve the puzzles and complete the level.

Click on various different objects and see what reaction they cause - remember that only one correct set of clicks will allow you to complete the level! When you have completed a scene, and awesome and hilarious cut scene will play through in which you will see some popular internet memes! This game is a heap of fun and a barrel of laughs. If you enjoy this title, why not go back and try the original Troll Face Quest: Video Games?

Release Date

February 2018


Ppllaayy made Trollface Quest: Video Games 2.


  • Funny trolling games featuring brand new scenes from famous video games, like Tomb Raider, Starcraft, and Hitman
  • Hillarious expressions of the characters
  • Enjoy more levels on the mobile apps


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Use the left mouse button to interact.
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