The Stickman Shooter
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The Stickman Shooter

The Stickman Shooter in an epic platform shooter game in which you must train your very own legendary stickman assassin. Your stickman assassin can fire an awesome energy ball that can instantly decimate your enemies – use it wisely however as you only have a limited number of balls to fire.

During each level you must try and eliminate every enemy, but you must also navigate through the level and avoid different objects and obstacles. You can use your energy ball to blast other objects such as TNT to help destroy your enemies and make your bullets last longer. Can you complete every level and prove your worth as a Stickman assassin?

Release Date

February 2018


  • A cool stickman shooting game with 60 levels to be completed
  • Destroyable objects that you can hit in the game, like TNT and ice blocks
  • Limited bullets to use in each level
  • A shooting guide to help your aim


  • Web browser
  • Android


Left click to play.