The Idiot Test 4

You would think that 3 idiot tests would be enough, but you can test your mind once again in The Idiot Test 4! Yes you can play the fourth instalment of this awesome brain teaser challenge and try out a new and improved set of questions. This new version takes the questions to a whole new level of difficulty and each set of instructions will really test your concentration and mental skills.

In this version, the questions try to use trickery to make you choose incorrectly. For example an instruction might read - press the green button - but the word green is highlighted in red to try and throw you off! Read the questions carefully and pay attention to every minor detail. Can you beat every level and prove that you are more than a complete idiot?

Release Date

July 2007


Ryan Curtis made The Idiot Test 4.


  • More challenges to be solved
  • Sound effects
  • Password feature to continue from a level


  • Web browser



Left click to play.

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