SWITCH or NOT? Is a cool logical puzzle game in which you must flip a variety of switches to allow the power current to pass through the grey blocks. Each level contains a series of grey blocks and an end terminal – an electric current (the orange blocks) passes through the lines to the end terminal. The path of the current is blocked however at various stages and you must flip the switches to complete the circuit.

The levels start off extremely easy and you simply have to flip a single switch to allow the current to progress. As you move through the levels however you will encounter a range of different blocking objects and you must use a greater number of switches. This game requires strong levels of logic and you must really think about the process and the current flow. Can you complete all the levels and successfully decide whether to switch or not?


SWITCH or NOT? is developed by Robin Blood.


This game is available in your web browser (on all devices!), as well as on your Android and iOS devices as an app.



Left click to activate/deactive a switch.
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