7.9 is a fun .io game that emulates the classic Nokia game of snake. You control a colored snake and must grow it as large as possible by eating different colored dots on the map. Each dot you eat makes your snake longer. Control your snake by using the arrow keys but be careful not to hit your own snakes body otherwise you will die.

Furthermore if you come into contact with an enemy snake you will also die so avoid them and be careful! Think tactically and try to outwit and out-manoeuvre your opponent to encircle them to they have nowhere to move. Don't forget to use your space bar button which provides your snake with a burst of speed. Time your moves carefully and choose your battles wisely! Can you conquer the snok arena and create a huge digital snake? You can also play the space version of Snake game in Y8 Space Snakes or the good old game in Snakes and Ladders Rewind. Have fun!

Developer is made by space1guy, an indie game developer.



  • WASD or arrow keys to move snake
  • Space bar to boost
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