8.1 is a fantastic multiplayer aircraft dogfight simulator. You must take to the skies in your own fighter plane and engage in deadly combat against hundreds of other players around the globe. As you progress and destroy more enemies you level up, which in turn allows you access to other games modes and features. You can upgrade your aircraft and improve its statistics and also kit it out with improved weaponry.

The combat is fun but intense – you must keep moving and choose your shots carefully; you only have a limited amount of ammunition before you have to reload so aim true! Furthermore you can collect parachute drops that provide a range of different power-ups to give you a much needed combat boost at vital points in the battle. Can you conquer the air and become a legendary pilot?

Developer is developed by Patricia Curtis from Lucky Red Fish.



  • AD or left/right arrow to turn
  • W or up arrow to dive or climb
  • S or down arrow to loop
  • Space bar to shoot
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