8.2 is a magnificent multiplayer game in which you take control of a single character and try to eliminate as many players as possible in the fighting arena. The map is large and there are many obstacles for you to hide behind and use as cover. You can select a range of different weapons such as a shotgun, machine gun, pistol and rocket launcher.

The top down gameplay is fun and the multiplayer aspect is frantic and intense. There are eight classes to choose from and you can also find crates on the ground that contain weapons, ammo and health kits. Can you conquer the Shotz arena and defeat all your opponents?

Release Date

November 2018

Developer was made by Calvin Ristad.


  • Eight classes with a different weapon
  • Deathmatch style game
  • A crate that contains upgrades
  • Danger zone that constantly reduces health


Web browser



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • QEF to use an upgrade
  • Enter to chat
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