Shootin' Buddies

Shootin' Buddies is a brilliant archery game in which you must attempt to shoot apples from the top of your friends head! This game is set in the wild west and you control one of two ruthless and idiotic characters who just want to mess around with their bows! You can test your archery skills out first in a practice mode where you must try and hit the bull's-eye of a target.

Once you have got used to the shooting action you can then test out your skill against a real target! You must shoot the apple from your friends head and for each successful hit, you move 5ft backwards! You must aim carefully however and if your aim is off you will hit your friend with an arrow and kill him! How far can you shoot from? How many apples can you shoot in a row?

Release Date

February 2018


Dominick Bruno developed Shootin' Buddies.


  • Target hitting game set in a desert town
  • Gradually increase distance after you successfully hit a target
  • 3 unlockable characters/objects
  • You can try again if you miss the target


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Hold left mouse button to charge, release to shoot
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