7.7 is a cool game of piracy on the seven seas! You must take control of your very own pirate ship and do battle against other pirate players from around the world. You can shoot your cannon at the enemy ships and try to sink them to the briny depths.

As you progress you can gain gold from your various pirate actions – you can use this gold to upgrade your ship with better equipment and fortifications. The controls are easy and you can also dock your ship in its port to upgrade it. Can you dominate and become a ruthless pirate lord?

Release Date

December 2018

Developer is made by TheLlamaMomma and Mero789y.


  • 3D .io pirate battle game
  • Customizable ship
  • Smooth maneuver
  • You control the battle manually
  • Port to dock your ship and buy equipment


Web browser



  • Use your mouse to move
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Middle mouse button to change the view
  • Right mouse button to reset
  • Number keys to use the power-up
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