Sharko - The Right Mix
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Sharko - The Right Mix

Sharko - The Right Mix is a fun drink mixing game in which you take control of Sharko - the shark bartender! Sharko is extremely picky when it comes to mixing drinks and cocktails and you must create the right concoctions to keep him happy - if you don't you will see his angry side! You can choose from 5 different fruits to mix including kiwi, lemon, orange and pineapple.

Choose two fruits and mix them together - shake the cocktail and present it to Sharko for tasting! Will you succeed? Will you create the perfect refreshing beverage? Sometimes Sharko will absolutely love your creation, and other times he may spit it out in disgust! Keep trying until your perfect your cocktail making skills. If you like cocktail mixing games, try Bartender: Perfect Mix. Have fun!


Left click to choose a fruit.