Seven Photos: the Photographic Detective
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Seven Photos: the Photographic Detective

Seven Photos: The photographic detective is a fun anime detective game in which you must decipher a series of photographs in order to solve the murder mystery. You control Piper - a girl with a photographic memory who's mind is wiped every time she wakes up. She has witnessed a bloody murder and must piece together the evidence found on her camera. First you must find the clues within the photos - simply click important objects or people in the photos to log the evidence.

Next you must examine the evidence and determine what is real and what is a contradiction. Using the different clues, you must find any contradictions and dissuade any doubt from your mind to find the true identity of the killer. Will you prevail and solve this mystery using the seven photos at your disposal?


Seven Photos: The Photographic Detective is developed by Chibixi.


Left click to interact.