Scribble States

Scribble States is a fun drawing game that combines elements of geography together with free-hand drawing skills. In this game you must attempt to draw various different United States as accurately as possible – you must draw the state outline using a series of connected dots – once you have joined the dots up, you must then guess the name of the state!

This game is a fantastic educational tool and for those who love geography and maps, you will simply love playing Scribble States. Test your USA knowledge today and see how many states you can correctly identify!

Release Date

September 2007


jmtb02 developed Scribble States.


  • A nice geography game to guess the state names in the United States
  • Drawing gameplay and then you need to answer the state's name
  • Customizable quiz settings to match your needs
  • Exam-like theme


Scribble States is a web browser game.


Hold left mouse button to draw.
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