Run Right
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Run Right

In Run Right you are the last dinosaur on earth and must escape the impeding apocalypse. You only know ho to do one thing and that is to run to the right to escape the meteors and destruction! Oh and you are also armed with a variety of weapons, a jetpack and a bicycle...

This platform shooting game is a heap of fun and the gameplay is fast paced but challenging. You must move to the right, jump over obstacles and kill all humans as you travel! You start with a simple pistol but as you earn points you can upgrade to better weapons such as a machine gun and a laser cannon. Furthermore, you can upgrade your dinosaurs stats such as his jumping ability and jetpack fuel. Starting at San Francisco, can you make it across the states and escape the apocalypse?


  • Press left mouse button to shoot
  • W or up arrow to jump. Hold to use the jet
  • AD or left/right arrow to move