Renaine (Demo)
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Renaine (Demo)

Renaine is a fast paced and fun RPG platform game with a superb set of levels, characters and artistic features. The gameplay is reminiscent of retro platform games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and features similar platform mechanisms such as jumping and dodging. You are a brave knight named Aine and you are on a quest to defeat the legendary dragon. You must travel through the ever-changing world and defeat many different monsters on your journey.

If you fall or are killed, fear not - you can restart at the last checkpoint and your progress is saved. You can use your sword to slay enemies and you can collect coins from the monsters and objects you destroy. The music is cool, the graphics are retro and interesting, and the gameplay is engaging. Have fun on your platform quest today!


Renaine is developed by Squidly.


This is a demo version only. The Windows Demo will be coming soon, the Mac/Linux Demos a bit after that! You can support Renaine on Kickstarter.


  • Z to jump
  • X to attack
  • C to throw bomb
  • V to interact
  • Arrow keys to move