Red Ball 4

Save your ball brethren from enslavement in Red Ball 4. This side-scrolling platform game has you rolling, jumping, and bouncing through a continuous checkpoint adventure to stop evil minions turning the world square. Control the momentum, avoid obstacles, and solve puzzles!

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a platform game with mild brain-teasing puzzles for an extra challenge. Controlling the ball's momentum takes sharp judgment and accuracy, and you'll need to master it to navigate various obstacles and destroy the evil squares. As you progress through the checkpoints, your obstacles, puzzles, and enemies get tougher.


As you roll deeper into the game, you'll encounter new environments, from forests and jungles to secret laboratories with excellent music to match. You'll have to fight epic bosses and dodge deadly traps from pools of water to lasers and bombs. In total, there are 75 levels in the Red Ball adventure!

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Red Ball Games

Red Ball 4: Volume 1 is part of an extensively popular game series by FDG Entertainment. If you've mastered this game, move on to the next games Red Ball 4 Volume 2 and Red Ball 4 Volume 3.


FDG Entertainment is the developer of Red Ball 4.

Release Date

July 2014


Web browser

Android Apple




Use the arrow keys to control the ball.

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