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Qix is a fun and interesting arcade game that chares similarities to J-Ball. In this game you control a series of sticks and your aim is to capture at least 75% of the level. You must move your stick using the keyboard arrow keys and use the X and Z keys to draw two different types of shape. You must move quickly and avoid being hit by the central Qix object – if you are hit; your own stix is stunned for a brief moment.

Move quickly and try to build complete rectangles as quickly as possible to take control of the level playing area. Once you have reached 75% control, you move on to the next level and a new challenge. This classic game is so much fun and is easy to learn. If you enjoy Qix, be sure to try out J-Ball too!

Release Date

October 1981


Taito America Corp developed this game.


  • Moving qix that can eliminate you as you form a line to mark an area
  • Moving sparks that are chasing you
  • You can capture an area with fast stix for a normal score or slow six for more score


This game is a web browser game.


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Hold Z to draw a fast stix
  • Hold X to draw a slow stix