Paper Battle

Paper Battle is a fun IO game that uses elements of the classic snake game. You control a single block that grows and leaves a trail as you move. The aim of the game is to increase the size of your block and try to take out your opponents. To increase the size of your block, you must create a complete square - once a square is complete, all the space within the squares turns to the color of your block and thus increases its size. This game is based on

If you run over your own tail, you are killed. If an opponent manages to create a square around you, you are killed. Move quickly, watch your opponents and make small gains instead of trying to make huge blocks in one go. This game is a huge amount of fun and a great challenge - can you move quickly enough and outwit your opponents? Or will you try and conquer too much too soon and end up being destroyed?



You move automatically, control t he direction with WASD or arrow keys.
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