Paint the Frog

Paint the Frog

Paint the Frog is a fun and fast paced puzzle game that anyone can quickly play! The aim of the game is simple – you must literally paint a series of frogs with your paintbrush and make all the frogs on a level the same color! This might sound easy, but you have to think fast and make a snap decision as to which color frog to paint. There will be two different colored frogs on each level – you have to paint one set of frogs to turn them the same color as the other set.

The game starts off easy and you might only have to paint a couple of frogs; as you progress however your decisions will become harder as the quantities of frogs start to become similar. You only have a certain amount of time to complete each level and you gain more time for each successive wave you complete. Are your fingers fast enough to paint the frogs?

Release Date

Initially released as an Android app in November 2016 and from December 2017 can be played online.


Paint the Frog is developed by Playmous.


  • Challenging game that can make you try again for a better score
  • You can collect the coins by painting the frog with a coin, but mostly it requires you to paint more frogs
  • Buyable power-ups
  • Level system


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android version.


Left click to play.