Nightmare Runner 2

Nightmare Runner 2 is the sequel to the fantastic Nightmare Runner and features new levels and gameplay to tackle. This game is a 'run and shoot' platform game based in a gloomy and dark world. You are an intrepid hunter and you must travel through this sombre world and kill the dangerous monsters that you encounter. Your weapon fires automatically and you also move forward automatically. You must simply control your aim and jumping ability.

Use your jump and double jump to fly over platforms and avoid monsters. As you move ensure to use your mouse to aim your weapon to destroy any beast you encounter. Different power-ups and drops are scattered throughout the level such as XP multipliers, weapons boosts and improved jumps. How far can you progress in Nightmare Runner 2? Can you become a master of monster hunting?


Nightmare Runner 2 is developed by Clockwork Monster.



  • You shoot automatically, use your mouse to aim
  • W or up arrow or left click to jump
  • P to pause
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