Monopoly (.io)

There are many versions of Monopoly that you can play online, but this version has to be one of the most realistic and fun to play. Thanks to new technologies, you can now play this classic board game through your web browser and compete to build a monopoly on the property developments in London. Every aspect of the game has been recreated – you can choose from one of the eight original playing pieces including the car and dog, roll the dice and buy properties.

The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is smooth; furthermore, the controls are simple and you can play with up to three other friends on the same browser. All the original properties are present including Pall Mall, Fleet Street, and Mayfair, together with the stations and utilities. If you love Monopoly, then you are sure to love this amazing multiplayer browser-based version so why not give it a try today and challenge your friends to the ultimate game of property management!


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world and was originally created in the early 1900s. Since then it has been recreated into various different versions including Star Wars, Disney and also City monopoly board games like Paris and London. Today we can play a range of awesome online Monopoly games such as Monopoly(io), taking the game into the digital era.


  • Play both private and public games against multiple opponents
  • Classic properties and pieces of the original board game
  • Fun gameplay and ability to chat with other players

Tips & Strategy

  • Don't simply buy every property straight away!
  • Think tactically and block your opponent from gaining full sets
  • Consider if the stations are actually profitable
  • Don't buy the Water Works or Electricity Plant!
  • More expensive doesn't always mean a better investment


Monopoly was initially developed by Parker Brothers, and is now owned by Hasbro. This online version of Monopoly was developed by BenBean (Ben Carr). The current version uses Team Lava version.


This is a browser game that uses HTML5 technology.



Left click to play the game.
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