Mindustry is a fantastic RTS game with cool top-down pixelated graphics similar to the original Command and Conquer series. The aim of the game is simple – you must defend your base core from invading enemies and build up a thriving centre with resources you mine. Create drills to mine underground for different resources and then use these resources to upgrade your buildings and create defensive turrets.

Play on a variety of different maps such as a fortress, a sinkhole or even a lavaflow. Use the WASD keys to move your character around the map, and use your left click mouse button to shoot, and to use the different menu items. Build up your drills to increase your resource income, and use those resources to build fortifications and defences. Be sure to look out for the incoming enemies and eliminate them as quickly as possible so they do not damage your base! Can you build a successful Mindustry?

Release Date

April 2017


Mindustry was developed by Anuken. You can support this game by donating here. This game is open source and can be found on Github.


  • Many resources to be mined
  • Many defensive turrets to help defend your base
  • Various map models to be played
  • Your character can shoot the incoming enemies


Mindustry is a web browser game.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot or selecting and placing a building
  • Space bar to pause
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