Lost City of Dragons

Lost City of Dragons is a cool game that is similar to the classic board game Monopoly! This board game has a mythical theme with dragons and castles. You play against three AI opponents and you must build up your property portfolio and manage your money carefully.

Each turn you must throw the dice to see how many spaces you move - your character then moves across the playing board. You can purchase properties you land on and build castles if you have a complete set. Watch out for the prison, and also look out for the secret cards as you can earn extra cash from these. Build up your empire and try to defeat the other players in this fun Monopoly game!

Release Date

April 2018


Helion Games made Lost City of Dragons.


  • The game's theme is a medieval era
  • Easy tutorial to follow
  • Smooth animations and cool objects
  • Achievements to unlock


Web browser


Use left mouse button to play.
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