Lab of the Dead
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Lab of the Dead

Lab of the Dead is a fun and spooky game in which you must carry out a myriad of different experiments on creepy zombies! You are a mad scientist who is experimenting on live zombie subjects – you want to look at the zombie’s behavior to analyze this strange breed.

The game uses a point and click interface – you must interact with different objects and try out a range of cool experiments. You must do whatever you can to find deeper insights about the zombies – you will have fun. The graphics, animation and sounds are realistic and spooky, plus the gameplay is engaging. Can you complete the research and perform the perfect experiment?

Release Date

June 2015


Evil-Dog made this game.


  • An interactive point and click game
  • The mission of this game is to analyze zombies
  • Various food and weapons to use
  • Research options on various things
  • Different zombies models


Web browser


Left click to play.