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JUKE.io (Juke Game) is a multiplayer .io game in which you need to capture the enemy team's flag. You play on either the red or the blue team. Your mission is not easy because there are many traps awaiting you along the way, not to mention the enemies who are defending their flag.

There are several power-ups that you can pick up to give you a temporary ability. The sword power-up lets you kill an enemy instantly, the shield power-up protects you from an attack, and a roller blade gives you a speed boost. If you want to make a sacrifice for the greater good, you can burn yourself by the nearby dragon fire and touch other players to set them ablaze; this condition makes you die after several seconds. You can kill an enemy without any power-up whenever they bring your flag. Work together with your teammates and be the first team to capture the flag three times to win the match.

Character controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • E to use super power (coming soon)