Jailbreak Rush

Jailbreak Rush is a brilliant game of escape! You have been falsely imprisoned for a crime you did not commit and you want to escape to prove your innocence. In 14 days’ time, you will be transported to a maximum security prison and your chance of escape will disappear! You have a list of items to aid your escape, and you must acquire them as quickly as possible using your reflexes and cunning.

To produce each item you must simply hold down your left click mouse button – as you hold it, a bar will slowly fill up that shows how close you are to completing the task. You must release your mouse button when you see the prison guard however so you don’t get busted! Sometimes only the guards shadow will appear, other times it may be a prison inmate – stay alert and get ready to release that button! Try and progress as quickly as possible and escape this rotten prison for good!



Hold left mouse button to craft, release to stop.
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