Fuzzmon Shotz
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Fuzzmon Shotz

Fuzzmon Shotz is a fun two player monster game in which you must control a variety of monster characters and play in intense matches against either AI opponents or your friends. The aim of each game is to score a goal – to do this you must push the ball into the opposing team’s goal area. In the mid-field area there is a variety of objects that can block the ball and your players.

If you get a higher score than your opponent in the allotted time and you have won the match! You can use a standard attack using the Space bar on your keyboard, or alternatively you can unleash a powerful special attack using the G key. Compete a variety of different matches against a range of opponents – how many teams can you beat? Can you outplay your friends and become the Fuzzmon champion?


Fuzzmon Shotz is developed by RHM Games.

Player 1 controls

  • W to move up
  • S to move down
  • Space bar to standard attack
  • G to special attack

Player 2 controls

  • Up arrow to move up
  • Down arrow to move down
  • Num 0 to standard attack
  • Num 5 to special attack