Firmament Wars

Firmament Wars is an intense game of multiplayer worldwide domination. You must control a single nation and strive for domination against other players online. At your disposal you are responsible for controlling three main resources – food, production and culture. Food helps feed your population, production helps create raw materials, and culture improves your nation’s research and abilities.

Manage your resources carefully and try to keep ahead of the enemy nations. Create troops and send them into enemy territories to try and conquer them – as you conquer territories you gain more culture and production points which allow you to further improve your nation. Can you build a nation worthy of world domination and conquer all of your enemies?

Release Date

July 2016


Firmament Wars is developed by Joe Leonard.


  • Real-time game
  • Starting nation with different capabilities
  • Challenge other players worldwide or play with computers
  • Manage your countries and prepare the best strategy


  • Desktop browser


Left click to play.
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