Fio's Adventure: The Crimson Items
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Fio's Adventure: The Crimson Items

Fio, a cute girl from the village, wants to go on an important mission to gather crimson items. But before doing that, she has to pass a test! In Fio's Adventure: The Crimson Items, you need to help her to pass that test and prove her worthiness. Then, go back to take the main mission from the guild center. Explore various caves and beautiful floating lands. There are enemies and obstacles that you have to avoid on the journey. Can you gather the ingredients and successfully complete the mission? Be a part of the adventure in Fio's Adventure: The Crimson Items!


Some pushable objects can be pushed through the areas.


Sunarsoft is the developer of this game.

Fio controls

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump
  • S or down arrow to interact
  • Move and hold S or down button to roll
  • Ctrl to prone
  • C to crouch