Fakemon Club

Fakemon Club is a monster catcher and trainer game in which you will find monsters to train and battle in combat. If you love the classic Pokemon games then you will definitely love this game. You will become a trainer and capture monsters of different abilities to battle in combat.

Your mission is to become the best trainer in the lad with the ultimate monsters that you control. Train your monsters to become great and super powerful; they will need to take down any that stand in front of them. Capture and train them all! Good luck!

Release Date

October 2018


Hauvow developed this game.


  • An open-world adventure inspired by Pokemon
  • Many monsters to battle and capture
  • Boss monsters
  • You control the battle flow


Web browser



  • WASD to move
  • V to open command menu
  • Left mouse button to interact
  • B to open shop
  • C to return to the trainer
  • P to pick-up an item
  • G to drop an item
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