Evil in The Supermarket

Evil in the Supermarket is a fun pixel game of destruction. You control an evil little devil and you are training to become a master of chaos and destruction. You are equipped with the devastating Trident of Darkness that allows you to possess humans to do your bidding. Using this trident you must control as many people as possible within the supermarket and cause utter chaos!

To control a human you must aim and shoot your trident several times at them. Be sure to keep your converted evil humans by your side and never let them wander – if they stray the humans could convert them back to the light! Build your army of possessed humans slowly and progress through the supermarket wreaking havoc as you move. You can only sustain three hits so ensure you keep your army close and avoid being hit! Complete your evil training today and destroy the supermarket!



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Shift to run
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