Element Fighters
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Element Fighters

Element Fighters is an intense and challenging stickman arcade game set in the fantastic stickman universe. The stickman elemental tournament has begun and you must pick your fighter, enter the competition and attempt to become the fighting champion! This game has similar gameplay to other classic 2D fighter titles and you must utilize an array of punches, kicks and special moves to destroy your opponent.

Use the keyboard keys to move and engage in combat – you can use different combos and special moves – keep learning the combos and try to unlock new and powerful moves. Don’t forget to block to avoid taking damage, and time your attacks carefully for maximum damage. Use the points you collect during each battle to unlock new fighter and progress to later stages of the tournament. Can you become the elemental champion?

Release Date

February 16, 2018


KBbasic16 made Element Fighters. Try also the colorful stickman fighting by the same developer in Color Combat.


  • Stickman fighting game with various elemental power
  • Each stickman can do awesome special attacks
  • Three difficulty options for the tournament with a boss to beat at the final round
  • Buy new stickman with the points earned


  • Web browser


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to duck
  • W to run
  • A to punch
  • S to kick
  • D to block
  • Esc to quit fight