Duke Dashington Remastered

Duke Dashington Remastered is a fully polished version of this fantastic puzzle platformer. In this game, you must help the epic cowboy Duke through a series of levels and help him recovered a series of buried treasure. Use the WASD keys to control Duke’s movement and is the left or right arrows to perform a super dash.

What makes this game so much fun is that you only have 10 seconds to complete each level! This means that you must move quickly and collect the treasure with lightning fast reactions! Can you complete every level? This remastered version of the Duke Dashington classic is available on both browsers and smartphones.

Release Date

October 2017


Jussi Simpanen made this game.


  • More colorful objects
  • 4 dungeons with plenty of levels
  • 10 seconds time limit
  • Time trial mode to challenge your best time to clear all the levels


Duke Dashington Remastered is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.



Use WAD or up / left / right arrow to dash.
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