Dirt Bike 2

Conquer the tracks in Dirt Bike 2! Dirt Bike 2 is the second installment of this amazing side-scrolling scrambling bike platform game. If you enjoyed the first version of this series, you will love the new levels, enhanced graphics, and fine-tuned gameplay. This sports game is so much fun and will get your adrenaline pumping.

This arcade game has simple controls - use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the acceleration and breaks of the bike. Furthermore, use the up and down arrows to control the frontward and backwards tilt to perform cool stunts with your bike.

Complete different tracks in this amazing bike game

Like other free online dirt bike games such as Neon Biker and Moto X3M, this title forces you to complete a series of obstacle courses across different terrains. You must accelerate and brake accordingly to get over the rocky terrains and ensure that you don’t flip over the handlebars.

Once you have overcome the obstacles, you must cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Like many driving games and car games, this title lets you show off, and improve your biking skills. Furthermore, you can have so much fun trying to complete the different levels, and pull off some awesome tricks.

Why not jump onto your pit bike and follow in the steps of Evel Knievel in one of the best racing games around? Be sure to take advantage of this fun action game, and have fun trying to master Dirt Bike 2! Also, don’t forget to check out the other versions too!


Drive with arrow keys.

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