Cricket Hero

Cricket Hero is a simple but fun cricket arcade game in which you are up to bat and you must try to score as many runs as you can. This is a sped up version of the game and you will receive many balls in quick succession from the bowler. Hit as many as you can to score the highest points.

The bowler has a few tricks up his sleeve, sometimes he will bowl eggs and bombs at you. Do not hit these otherwise it will cover screen and It is game over. Pay attention to the target zone area in which the balls will land and time your swings to get a clear hit. Have fun!

Release Date

September 2018


Cricket Hero is developed by RavalMatic.


  • A fun ball hitting arcade game
  • Bombs and eggs to avoid
  • 3 chances per try
  • 2 sides to cover


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Left mouse button to hit and change position.

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