Crazy Digger

Crazy Digger is a fun retro puzzle arcade game in which you control a cute little digger who wants to collect all of the shiny jewels underground! During each level, you must dig through the rock and subterranean landscape to reach the jewels.

You must think logically about the order you collect the jewels and watch out for caving’s and rocks falling on your head! Try to collect the jewels in the most logical manner and move quickly! There are over 20 different levels to play and the controls are easy to get used too. Can you grab all the jewels in Crazy Digger?

Release Date

February 2013


  • Pac-Man style gameplay
  • 25 levels with a different challenge
  • Time limit in each level


Crazy Digger is a web browser game.



Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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