Command and Conquer

Command & Conquer is a classic RTS game. Since its release in 1995, it's been an inspiration to countless RTS games. Play as the legendary GDI or Nod faction and complete campaign objectives or skirmish. Now you can play the original Command & Conquer game directly in your web browser.

How to play

Each game mode is based on the same mechanics. You build up bases, collect and refine Tiberium, and use that Tiberium to pay for troops and other military units. Using your forces, you defeat enemies by either destroying or capturing their bases. Each faction has its unique units, superweapon, and combat strategy.


Brotherhood of Nod

Nod is an ancient, cultic secret society that follows a prophetic figure known as Kane. They invest heavily in technology to harvest and refine Tiberium crystals, to rapidly expand their global army, and unleash a campaign of terror upon wealthy nations.

Global Defense Initiative

The GDI is an alliance of nations established to take down the terrorist threat posed by Nod in Europe. The GDI establish a foothold in Europe to face the forces of Nod, and squash Kane's propagandist influence.

Game Modes

You can play as either GDI or Nod in both career and skirmish game modes. Which side of history will you choose?


There's a separate campaign for both factions. Each campaign has you carrying out the objectives of either Nod or GDI. If you're playing as Nod, the ultimate goal is to shatter confidence in the GDI by destroying historical western landmarks. Playing as GDI, the main goal is to locate and destroy Nod's main base of operations, the Temple of Nod, in Sarajevo, Bosnia.


Skirmish mode lets you set your own objectives to dominate the map. The goal is to defeat all opponents, and it's up to you how to do it.

About Command & Conquer

Command and Conquer defined the RTS genre with its fast-paced mechanics and uniquely quirky cut-scenes. Made by Westwood studios and later sold to EA, it set the bar for a long and successful franchise. A franchise of which there were eleven games and eight expansion packs before 2010.

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Release Date



Westwood Studios developed Command and Conquer.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Press arrow keys to move mouse cursor
  • Press X to select. Drag X to select multiple
  • Press Z to cancel
  • Press A to open building menu
  • Press S to change cursor type
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