Castle Wars 2.5

Enjoy the long awaited sequel of Castle Wars 2! Castle Wars 2.5 is a turn-based game in which you own a castle and participate in an intense war. To win a match, either destroy the enemy's castle or be the first to build a castle with 100 units. Build, defend, and sabotage to ensure your victory! This game uses a cards system. In each turn, you need to pick a card to do an action; each action requires a certain amount of resources. Your castle has 3 classes: builders, recruits, and mages. Each of them generates its own resources on every turn. Make sure to have enough people because resources are very important. You can customize your deck to focus on certain things and adjust it to your playing style. Finish campaigns to unlock new cards that you can use. It is recommended to play the practice mode first to get used to the game.


  • Code by Mads S. Lundemo
  • Artwork by RobotJam
  • Animations by Jon "SovanJedi" Davies
  • Sound effects by Nick Parton



Left click to interact with the cards.

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