Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is the intense online racing game in which you are racing down a highway at ridiculous speeds against other players from around the globe. You are speeding away from the cops on a highway full of traffic as it is rush hour, make sure not to crash otherwise the police will quickly catch up to you in no time.

Your race car is equipped with nitro oxide meaning that you can activate it at any time to give your car a speed boost that could win you the race. You can customize your cars appearance and parts to improve its performance.

Release Date

August 2018

Developer was made by SideQuest Software Ltd.


  • A fun 3D .io car racing game
  • Customizable car's parts and accessories
  • Buyable new cars
  • Up to 8 players in a single race


Web browser


  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • AD or left/right arrow to steer
  • Shift or space bar to use nitro