Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush
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Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush

Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush is a unique racing game in which you must control a toy car and race around your house! Before you start a race you can choose from a range of different vehicles - unlock new vehicles as you progress and complete races. There is also several different tracks to choose from that allow you to race in different parts of the house!

The graphics are cool and the toy race tracks are realistic and weave through the various objects and furniture in the house. Be careful when driving to avoid hitting the sides as this will greatly slow down your vehicle. Furthermore watch when taking the long corners - if you go take the corner too tightly your vehicle may flip over! Can you complete all the races and become the champion toy car racer?


Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush is developed by Studd Games.


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to brake