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Aquacreep is a game of investigation and mystery and is brought to you by the same developers who made Astrocreep. In this instalment you are controlling the main character Dean - he is a member of a team of sea investigators. A storm is approaching your base, and you wake up one night to hear screams - a shapeshifter has taken control of one of your team members! Using your investigating skills you must solve the mystery and defeat the shape shifter.

Use the WASD controls to move Dean through the pier and into the different buildings - in each building you can interact with a variety of objects and other characters to find out clues. With limited resources you must be thorough and careful - who can you trust? Who can you turn to for help? Once you have received your weapon, be sure not to shoot wildly - you could end up killing the wrong person! Can you solve the mystery of the shape shifter and secure your base?


Aquacreep is developed by Suits n Nukes, a famous indie developer of adventure games.


  • WASD to swim
  • AD to walk
  • S to talk
  • W to interact with object
  • Left click to shoot
  • Shift to switch weapon

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