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Alz is a touching game about a person suffering with Alzheimer's. This is a condition that affects many and can be truly devastating. You must control an old man who suffers from this condition - take him through his daily routine and see how Alzheimer's can have a truly dreadful affect on his mind and memories.

You must walk through your home and wonder at the strange objects within it. You must then walk through the town and try to remember things you used to do and see. It is a strange world - everything looks almost familiar, but not quite. The music to this touching game is inspiring and the gameplay is thought provoking.

Release Date

March 2014


Dylan Carter made this game.


  • Touching story of Alzheimer's perspective
  • Beautiful artwork and music
  • Strobing lights


  • Web browser


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Space bar to interact