Age of Wonder 2: The Lost Scrolls

In Age of Wonder 2: The Lost Scrolls, Eratosthenes goes on a new journey to educate the people, after he finds a new room in the library full of lost scrolls.

After returning from an epic journey, Eratosthenes discovered a new room in the great library of Alexandria. The room is full of lost scrolls containing top secrets. Now, you must spread the knowledge of the scrolls to the people who need them. Toss your scroll to all the people in the map to complete a level. There are obstacles in your way, and you must break or hit them by throwing your stones. Don't run out of scrolls or you will fail the level. Have fun spreading the knowledge in Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls!



Left click to throw the scroll, move mouse left or right to adjust power, and use space bar to switch between scroll and stone.
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