Take flight in, a multiplayer .io battle for airspace dominance. You must fly around the arena without getting destroyed by other players, all while collecting weapons and taking down other planes. Dominate the sky and reach the top.

Choose your username, color, and decal - then fly right into the action. How long will you survive? Pick up the falling weapons and use them against other players in dizzying dogfights.

Don't like your weapon? Just pick up other ones until you find something cool. There's lasers, bombs, bullets and more. The more players you take down, the more points you earn. Become a fighter and a survivor to reach the top of the leaderboard. is similar to, a multiplayer survival game where you fly animals instead of planes. Air Wings also features the same style for singleplayer gaming.

Release Date

April 2016


Profusion Studios is the developer of They also make another popular .io game called!


  • Epic multiplayer battle for survival
  • Control and aiming that requires skill
  • A range of powerful weapons to use on other players
  • Custom airplane color and decals for a distinct identity


Web browser. We also have the Android version.



  • Use your mouse to control your plane and to aim
  • Press space bar to shoot
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