White Tile 2: Don't Tap It!

White Tile 2: Don't Tap It! Is another piano tiled based game in which you need to all of the black tiles that appear on the screen. This edition has a slight twist though, there is no music and the tiles do not cascade down the screen.

This is a test of pure reaction time, tiles will appear in the play area and you must press them as quickly as you can before they disappear. There are different game modes to play and all of which will test your skill in different ways. Play this fun edition now and become the ultimate piano player!

Release Date

July 2017


GameMix developed this game.


  • 3 game modes: Endurance, Pattern, and Frenzy
  • Each mode has unique challenge
  • Playable anywhere you go on mobile browsers
  • Simple gameplay but is very challenging


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Left click to tap.

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