Vampirizer is a fun puzzle game with a simple aim – you must convert all the humans into vampires! You are a deadly and blood thirsty vampire, and you want to unleash havoc on the human population and convert them to your cause! Each level features a puzzle that you must complete in order to convert all the humans present into vampires. This might sound easy, but the puzzles require skill and logic to complete.

To move your vampire and humans, you must remove the various stone blocks on each level – removing blocks will affect the movement of the characters – consider gravity, how the character will fall, and the path they will take as you remove the different blocks in sequence. Each level can only be completed in a certain order so pay attention and use your brain! Can you convert all the humans and complete every puzzle?

Release Date

July 2016


Vampirizer is developd by Play to Max.


  • You need to plan which block to be destroyed first
  • Fun music
  • Different character models


  • Desktop browser
  • Mobile browser


Left click to play.