Takemine.io is another fun survival game in which you must move around a 2D world and collect resources to help your survival. You start with an axe and you must use this to chop down trees to gather wood - you can then use this wood to build structures and other tools and weapons.

As you progress you can start to mine other resources such as stone - you can then build more complex structures and items such as a bow and arrow and a tee pee. As you harvest resources your character levels up and increases in strength. Watch out for other players and be sure to protect yourself - you can try to form alliances or simply kill everyone else in sight! How will you fare in this brutal game of survival?

Release Date

December 2017


Takemine.io is made by Ali al Haulani.


  • Many resources to be gathered
  • You can change the hero's character
  • Free to create your own base
  • Each item has information about its requirements and effect


  • Web browser



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Arrow keys to switch item
  • Left click or space bar to gather or attack
  • E to toggle auto attack
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