Skulls vs Zombies

Skulls vs Zombies

Skulls vs. Zombies is an awesome physics game that takes inspiration from the iconic and legendary Angry Birds series. In this game, you must launch a series of different skulls to try and eliminate the various zombies on each level. Click and drag the left click mouse button backwards to increase the power of your shot and alter the angle – release the mouse button to fire your skull.

Each level has a different challenge and you must work hard and use your logic to destroy all the zombies in as little amount of shot as possible. As you progress you can unlock different skulls to use with different features. Can you complete every level and get three stars too?

Release Date

March 2018


Skulls vs Zombies was made by Onduck Games.


  • Two difficulty options, easy with the aiming guide and hard without the aiming guide
  • Different obstacles in each map
  • Get score based on your remaining skulls and the number of zombies eliminated


Skulls vs Zombies is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Drag left mouse button backwards to aim, release to launch the skull.