Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is the multiplayer chance game based on the age-old Russian roulette game. Warning this game contains violence and is only suitable for players aged 18 and older.

In this game, your mission is to be the player with the most money or the last player standing. If you have never heard of the game Russian roulette than the aim of the game is to simply survive. A gun is loaded with 1 bullet leaving five empty chambers. The gun is fired leaving a 1 in 6 chance of an actual bullet being fired. Good luck!

Release Date

August 2018


  • A multiplayer Russian Roulette game
  • Political leader characters, such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
  • A multiplayer game that is constantly growing until someone pulls a trigger
  • 5 players in each game


Web browser


Use the left mouse button to shoot.