Popsplit.us is an Agario spinoff with many game modes, awesome music, and much more! The rules of the game are still the same: you control a small cell and can grow bigger by eating smaller cells on the map. Choose from several different skins and play with your favorite one. You can choose a cool music track to accompany the game. Have fun!

Release Date

The game was initially released in April 2017.


Popsplit.us is developed by Chewy! (Braden Lamb).

Also Known As The game has some other name alternatives, such as Cellul.us and Balz.io.


  • You can freely insert any image URL as the skin
  • More than 8 servers with a different game mode
  • Customizable settings


  • Web browser


  • Use your mouse to move the cell
  • Hold W to eject partial mass
  • Space bar or 1 to split cell
  • D or 2 to split 2 times
  • A or 3 to split 3 times
  • Shift to do trick split
  • Z to do line split
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out
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