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Pikerush.io is the online battle game in which you battle against a whole load of opponents in pike battle. Use your weapon handling skills to spear your opponents with your pike before they can cause you any harm. Use timing and precise movement to outsmart your enemies and win each duel.

The big play area allows for a large number of players in one single lobby, be first to collect all of the scattered materials to upgrade your character and give the edge over your enemies in battle. Your character will also have a unique special power which you can use in tight situations. Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018


Calvin Ristad made this game.


  • The main weapon is a pike
  • Big arena
  • Many buyable characters with unique abilities
  • Energy system


Web browser


  • Move your mouse to control the character
  • Press left mouse button to speed up
  • Press right mouse button to use a special ability